The objective of the SPCCT project is to develop and validate a widely accessible, new quantitative and analytical in vivo imaging technology combining Spectral Photon Counting CT and contrast agents, to accurately and early detect, characterize and monitor neurovascular and cardiovascular disease.

Philips UCBL Spectral Photon Counting Computed Tomography

The project will therefore provide a complete tool (acquisition system and specific probes) dedicated to CV imaging. It will finally contribute to:

- Improved early diagnosis of atherosclerosis, prevention of acute event (MI, stroke) and personalized preventive treatment;

- Improved management of patient presenting with an acute CV event and clinical validation of treatment efficiency;

- Sustainability and harmonization of healthcare systems, as costly disorders of heart failure and stroke-related disability would be better prevented and efficiently treated;

- Economic growth in the EU diagnostics sector, through the development of new targeted contrast materials for SPCCT by SMEs.

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