This project will overcome the actual limitations of all the current available imaging modalities used in CV by developing a non-radioactive molecular imaging technique using SPCCT in human. This will be achievable with a high spatial resolution combined with the newly developed vascular inflammation specific contrast agent detected with high quality K-edge technique that can only be provided by a multispectral X-ray system.

We will furthermore combine, in a single project, different communities of researchers including specialist in CT technology and image processing, chemists and specialists in animal models and CV diseases. We will therefore provide a complete tool (acquisition system & specific probes) dedicated to CV imaging.

Another important element of this project is that the concept can be further extended to other fields that need specificity and spatial resolution, in particular oncology.

Finally, in order to anticipate, and prepare the ground for the exploitation of this highly innovative and ambitious technology, we will evaluate through the development of new models, its potential long-term economic and societal benefit, in the context of 4 different EU national health systems, taken among known “late and early adaptors” countries (Sweden, UK, Germany and Hungary).

 Philips photon counting CT scanner Haifa