An equipment project at the forefront of advanced CT imaging.

Advances in life science rely in large part on development and innovation in imaging modalities. Development of outstanding imaging equipment and contrast media research is a necessary condition for international competitiveness for Europe health care.

The present project will develop new equipment with the potential for innovative in vivo exploration of aspects that are impossible to explore today. With this perspective, this response to H2020 call aims to create a prototypical CT system at the highest level of excellence for in vivo imaging accessible to the entire scientific community, and based on new momentum in the development of detector technology.

Advanced research in imaging necessitates the association of three main components:

- new imaging platforms with newly physical approach and advanced image reconstruction and processing tools to detect these makers in-vivo;

- biochemistry to generate the biological markers;

- a strong scientific community of researchers in crucial life science fields such as neurology and cardiology.

With this new imaging method such as Spectral CT, different principles of physical interaction with tissue and, where appropriate, the use of different molecular probes have the potential to provide unique structural, molecular, functional, and/or metabolic information that complements other imaging methods.

Acquisition and development of a world unique prototype clinical spectral CT is opening up a complete new field in imaging, with diagnostic and therapeutic applications with a new type of tracers, allowing to both localize a lesion through their accumulation, and to enhance the efficacy of therapy by their presence.

The long-term strategy is to establish Spectral CT as a new clinical imaging modality in humans. To the best of our knowledge, there is currently no project at that stage end of this ambition.