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Mathym is a nanotechnology company dedicated to the development, manufacturing and commercialization of innovative nanomaterials called colloidal solutions.
Colloidal solutions consist in nanoparticles in suspension in liquids (solvents, monomers, water or alcohols). Depending of the type and nature of the nanoparticles, many innovative characteristics and properties can be conferred to the final colloidal solution.
Mathym’s first developments have led to colloidal radiopacifiers to be used in biomedical materials such as dental or orthopedic composites. Mixed with Mathym’s colloidal solutions, the latter acquire radio-opacity quality and then become X-ray visible. Its first colloidal radiopacifiers are lanthanide fluoride based.
The strategic rationale of Mathym is either to target markets using dry nanomaterials (such as radiopacifying nano-powders) that engenders various industrial use constraints because of the nanoparticles high volatility / tough handling or to participate to collaborative R&D projects focused on groundbreaking innovative nanomaterials dedicated to the life sciences applications – and more especially on imaging subjects.
Mathym emerged from academic research based at Lyon University and benefits from strong and exclusive industrial property. The company was founded in September 2013 by Julien Alberici and Frederic Chaput, respectively acting as CEO and CSO. 8 employees currently work in Mathym, including PhDs in Chemistry and Process engineers


Half of Mathym's staff is composed of Researchers. As of today, 8 people are working at MATHYM, of which 4 are PhD (organic or inorganic chemistry) and 1 is a process engineer.

- 2013-now: CEO of Mathym SAS, a French nanotech start-up specialized in the development, manufacturing and commercialization of innovative colloidal solutions
o Strategy Management, Development Management, Project Management, Financing and reporting Management
- 2012-now: CEO of OCTALFA SAS, a French family owned investment company dedicated to the life sciences domain

Dr. Lucie WYNANDS, Organic chemist MATHYM, (F) : Preparation of organic molecules dedicated to NPs functionnalization
From 2009 till 2014

Wilfried MERCADE, CTO MATHYM, (M) Since 2015 - in charge of colloidal solutions manufacturing process scale-up
- More than 10 years experience in technical and process departments, mainly in chemical industry focused toward pharmaceutical and neutraceutical applications
- Experience in CAPEX projects lead to implement new production facilities or adapting existing ones to new processes or new needs
- Experience in scale-up, transfer and optimization of processes with ISO 9001 standards on a both ANSM and FDA approved production site