VOXCAN is a Contract Research Organization (C.R.O) which provides its customers with its expertise in the fields of anatomical (CT and µ-CT) and functional (bioluminescence and fluorescence) medical imaging applied to preclinical research. The partnerships contracted with its clients help them to improve the development and to accelerate the time to market of their medical devices, molecules or vaccines, within a wide range of therapeutic areas (oncology, infectious diseases, inflammation, bone and cartilage pathologies, cardio-vascular pathologies, obesity, …) and using a wide range of dedicated models.
With this know-how and expertise, VOXCAN is the ideal partner to contribute in the WP3 Preclinical applications of the H2020 SPCCT project. We will be able to develop specific animal models well suited to CT and Spectral CT investigations in the cardiovascular area of investigation and also to characterize them and their longitudinal follow-up through standard µ-CT and CT methods (image acquisitions, image processing and parameter quantifications) in order to compare them with the Spectral CT results.


The Voxcan R&D department used to work in the context of collaborative R&D programs in the framework of both European funding (Eurostars – PRIM-OA project) and National funding (FUI – Acilimab, FUI – H&M, FUI – Colomatrix). Voxcan has the C.I.R agreement from the French Research Ministry and was also Jeune Entreprise Innovante labelled during 8 years and spending more than 15% of its charges in R&D operations.
Voxcan has its own Medical Imaging plateform with µ-CT, CT and optical imaging systems, and its working rooms are contiguous to the 2000 m² Claude Bourgelat Institut (Vetagro-sup) rooms where animals participating in preclinical studies are housed.

Dr. Emmanuel CHEREUL (M), received his Ph.D. degree in Astrophysics in 1998 from Strasbourg University in France. He held the position of postdoctoral researcher at the Geneva Observatory (UniGE) working in understanding phase space distribution of stars of the MilkyWay by means of satellite data and telescope image high level analysis. He developed advanced image processing methodologies involving multi-scale wavelet analysis of data and published 13 papers in this field in international journals. From 2001 to 2007, moving from stars to mice, Dr. Chereul was successively image processing Engineer and Production Manager at Animage, the small animal multimodality imaging facility of the Rhône-Alpes Genopole in Lyon, France. He published 10 papers and more than 20 communications in international journals and meetings.
In 2007, he became co-founder and General Manager of V O X C A N, one of the first European Contract Research Organization performing preclinical studies, for biotech and pharmaceutical companies, by means of medical imaging technologies, on animal models in a wide range of therapeutics areas (infectious disease, oncology, bone and cartilage diseases, implants, and vascular and pulmonary diseases).

Dr. Marc VANDAMME (M) is Study Director at Voxcan, where he worked mainly on R&D collaborative program. Marc has a PhD in Biology with a specialization in Biomedical Imaging. He is also graduated in project management by Stanford University. Marc has authored over 12 papers in international journals and has participated in several internationals conference as speaker. Marc has already participated in some interdisciplinary collaboration programs (ANR, FUI). Moreover, Marc is member of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) and member of the Project Management Institute (PMI).