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- Presentations during RSNA 2016:

"In Vivo Quantitative Dynamic Angiography with gold nanoparticles and spectral photon-counting computed tomography k-edge imaging" by Salim Si-Mohamed

"Determination of Biodistribution of gold nanoparticles uing spectral photon-counting computed tomography k-edge imagin in vivo" by Salim Si-Mohamed

"Quantitative multi-contrast agent separation using a spectral photon-counting computed tomography prototype" by Daniel Bar-Ness

"Improving vascular imaging in the presence of metallic stents using speactral photon counting computed tomography and k-edge imaging" by Daniel Bar-Ness


- Presentation during Nanohybrides 14: Synthesis and characteriztion of iodinated Polymer nanoparticles and use as a contrast agent for tomography using a spectral scanner" by Joëlle Balegamire


- Posters:

"Multimodal contrast media for MRI and K-edge spectral scanner cerebral imaging" by Niki Halttunen