Project Phases

The project has 2 consecutive phases:

The first phase (M0 – M24), was performed on an already acquired preclinical SPCCT (installed May 2015 at CERMEP) limited to small animal studies. The following activities were performed:

- pre-clinical development of the method,

- evaluation of the relative sensitivity and specificity of SPCCT contrast agents,

- screening and tests on the newly developed specific contrast agents

- technological development in terms of detector calibration and first image post-processing steps.

The second phase (M24 - M48) has started and is focused on translating the first phase results on large animals and later on humans by developing and installing a new human sized clinical SPCCT and validating the contrast agents on stroke, myocardial infarction and atherosclerosis models.

The clincial scanner was ingurated in Lyon on April 2019 and the first human was scanned in June 2019.